Zuzu's Hot Five
Zuzu's Hot Five on stage

Fresh New Orleans Street Jazz!

Zuzu's Hot 5 on stage with swing dancers

Hot, 1920s Trad Jazz outta Charlottesville, VA

Louis Armstrong combo meets Mardi Gras street party. ︎ Thrill to the trumpet’s call, the clarinet’s wail, and the trombone’s growl. ︎ Thumpin’ strings send your body into an unstoppable rhythm. ︎Like a strong cocktail, Zuzu’s vocals transport you.

For over 10 years, the Hot 5, fueled by the Traditional Jazz of Buddy Bolden, King Oliver, and Louis Armstrong, has supplied stomps, viper blues, and struts, summoning the rich musical history of NOLA, and the roots of “Jass.” ︎ Add a swing dance or a romantic ballad, and you've got High-Octane Gilded-Age Madness! ︎They’ll BLOW YOUR TOP until last call — or until the joint’s raided.

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